General Meeting

Braunton BMX Club

Minutes for General Meeting (GM)

7th June 2017, 7:30pm, The Aggi, Braunton

Committee present: Darren Phipps (Chair) Vanessa Harrison (Vice Chair), Stuart Butler (Treasurer), Rob Flavell (Secretary),

Members present: Andy, Aggie & Ed Harrison, Mark Ellis, Paddy, Charlie & Nikkie Dempsey, Ski Martin

  1. Apologies
    • None
  2. Declarations of interest
    • None
  3. Appointment of Treasurer
    • Stuart Butler nominated by Darren Phipps & seconded by Rob Flavell
    • Stuart introduced himself, giving a brief resume of his background and skillset
    • Committee very happy to have someone with the skills & knowledge that Stuart  has on board and we’re sure he will be a valuable asset to the club.
  4.  Track build update
    • Expecting revised C&K quote, hopefully by the end of this week
    • Discussed hold up with land transfer, looking at ways to help this along
    • Discussed funding shortfall and agreed away ahead:
      • Await land transfer / revised C&K quote
      • Revisit all existing funders (County & District -106, Fullabrook CIC)
      • Look to get another meeting with the Parish, who are yet to contribute to the project.
      • Approach County Councillor – Locality grants
  5. Club brand identity
    • Ski working on new Club logo & branding, more to follow shortly
  6. AOB
    • Discussed how we could work with Bideford BMX once the track has been built. More discussions on how this might take shape to follow.