Minutes from AGM

Braunton BMX Club

Minutes for the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

12 January 2017, 7pm, The Aggi, Braunton

Committee present: Vanessa Harrison (Vice Chair), Rob Flavell (Secretary), Mary Shepherd (Treasurer)

Members present: 6

  1. Apologies – Apologies received from Jane Ebbage and Tracy Day
  2. Declarations of interest- None
  3. Committee, Vote on nominations to elect new committee
    1. Chairman – Darren Phipps nominated by Vanessa Harrison, seconded by Rob Flavell.
    2. Vice Chairman – Vanessa Harrison nominated by Mary Shepherd, seconded by Darren Phipps
    3. Treasurer – Vacant
    4. Club Welfare Officer (CWO) – Vacant
    5. Secretary – Rob Flavell nominated by Darren Phipps, seconded by Vanessa Harrison
  4. New Chairman welcomes new Committee: Darren Phipps (DP) welcomed the new committee, and suggested that another committee meeting be held in the early spring to try to fill the vacant committee positions of Treasurer and Club Welfare Officer.

Mary Shepherd volunteered to look after the accounts until another treasurer was elected.


Agenda for the Meeting held on 12 January 2017 immediately after the AGM at The Aggi, Braunton

  1. Treasurers report (outgoing treasurer – hand over to new treasurer) Mary Shepherd gave an update of the club finances (attached as separate document)
  2. Funding update: Funding situation remains the same – just over £100k is available for the track build, although it is likely that £25k from DCC will be lost as the developer is unable to commit to a time frame.
  3. Update from Pearce Construction: Due to the length of time it took to obtain planning permission, the Braunton development has slipped from Pearce’s corporate calendar. Their option on the land has also expired, although they have had discussions with the land owner and he has indicated that he is happy to proceed on the same basis. Pearce are unable to say when the development will start, which is frustrating for the club. The terms of the planning permission state that construction must start within 3 years of the planning consent being approved. With one year elapsed, the development must start within the next two years. Decision taken to try to engage with the land owner to see if there is any other option.
  4. Any Other Business: None

Date of next meeting: TBC